not governments, 

change the world.

— Leela Cosgrove
Founder & CEO
The 8 Percent
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What We Do

40 years experience managing sales teams
We go beyond the bottom line – or even triple bottom line – to help our clients not only exponentially grow their businesses, but to do so in a way that’s sustainable: financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.
With more than 40 years of combined experience in managing and training sales teams, typically Strategic Anarchy is brought in, in the first instance, to optimise a company's sales process through our “Iron Cage” software and management system, which allows us not only to increase sales outcomes (typically by at least 3x within 4-6 months), but to do so virtually.
We believe all organisations are top-down, so we work closely with founders and CEOs to ensure that they are operating optimally.
Named Top 50 Australian fast-growth company in Asia Pacific by The Financial Times
Named Top 8 women-led fast-growth company in Asia Pacific by The Financial Times
Our CEO is the Australian Chapter Leader, Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network (DWEN)
Nominee, Veuve Clicquot Next Gen Award
Finalist, Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards hosted by Business News Australia
Finalist, Australian Small Business Champions Awards


The 8 Percent is a concept created by founder and CEO, Leela Cosgrove, to describe the people she works with who go beyond just wanting to create financial success, but who are dedicated to creating organisations that work together towards excellence.
“An 8 Percent Organisation inherently understands that financial success follows mastery of every area of their business. From their sales process through to the delivery of their product – and how all of these things, as an ecosystem, impact their clients, society and the planet.

They’re dedicated to leaving the world a better place than they found it – which is not to say they have to be a charity or a NFP.

They manufacture widgets, but are creating more sustainable manufacturing processes. They’re distributors importing from other countries, but have programs with their partners to ensure the workers creating their products are treated fairly.

What they all have in common is that they realise: every business has the ability to be a force for good. Internally, for their employees. And externally for the planet and society as a whole.

We help them infuse this belief through every level of the company, by ingraining the values of excellence, creativity and courage throughout every employee, every system, every process the company runs.”

-- Leela Cosgrove
Our Brands
At The 8 Percent we help those people described above to finely hone their business skills. We work with people from all industries, from fashion to industrial manufacturing and everything in between, who strive to do better and be better. 

We use in-depth and holistic consulting along with our world-famous training in sales and marketing to give business owners a leg-up in their industry.
Iron Cage helps business owners gain control of their sales team through developing a powerful culture driven from metrics & data to drive performance indicators.

Our Iron Cage Software helps sales managers track the performance of their sales team and provide a leveraged way to provide appropriate training and feedback to sales staff based on their performance on daily, weekly and monthly timescales.

Our Projects

Who We've Worked With

Frank Kern
Feng Yuan Liu
James Tuckerman
Alex Moscow
Ryan Deiss
Natasha Zuvela
Michelle and Jack Bosch
Nicholas Blewett
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