Sword Of Sales

The Sword of Sales is a free business text-based game that not only teaches you about sales—it also rewards you with a customised sales script.

Devised by Strategic Anarchy’s marketing team in 2014, and developed by ArticNet LLC in Osaka, The Sword of Sales is gamification in action. By bringing game elements into sales training, we were able to make the training not only fun, but an unforgettable experience.

In the game, you are a business owner in a far-away fantasy land. All of the gold has disappeared from the kingdom, and citizens everywhere are suffering. One night you get a visit from a mysterious stranger who tells you a tale of the Sword of Sales, a legendary sword that has the ability to restore wealth to the land. The next day you set out on a quest to retrieve the Sword of Sales and save the kingdom.

Along the way you meet characters who, when you help them, have something to teach you about sales. Finally, when you reach your destination, you become part of a showdown between good and evil that will change the fate of the kingdom—will you win or will you lose? It’s up to you and your ultimate choice.

During the game, players are asked questions that form part of Strategic Anarchy’s sales script. After they’ve played, the player is rewarded with their own customised sales script based on their answers.

Our marketing team is very selectively available to work on experiential and gamification projects. Please contact us for availability and details.

Read an interview with Jenna Cosgrove (Strategic Anarchy’s Media Director) about gamification and writing the game here: The Gamification Revolution. (


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