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When Frank Kern told me that we HAD to hire Leela and Gulliver to train the sales team for a new venture we were doing together, I didn’t hesitate, even though it cost us over $25k to do it. We made that back times five during the training! 

I watch people spend tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands on more education, more courses, but the place to spend your money when you have a business and have something to sell is on people and systems that can move the needle, sell more and make money from the start. 

That’s what you get when you spend money with Leela and Gulliver, and what you really ought to be asking is not how can you get as little of their time as possible at the lowest price. You should be asking how much can you possibly spend with them to get them all to yourself for a day or two, because doing that is one of the very, very few things that will actually change your business and ultimately cost you nothing. 

Their training is really free, even at $100k, because it’s that good. NOTHING ROIs faster than what they can do for your business.


Just want to shout out to say a special thank you to Leela and Gulliver who have recently helped me to make the switch from being a technician in my business to being the CEO of my business. 

With their consulting and coaching help over the past few months I have been able to consistently exceed $20k months (even while on holidays) doubling my previous average; bring on and train my first sales and customer service support; and orchestrate a systematic sales process which serves my amazing clients with love and compassion. 

Now on track to double my business again and just wanted to say thanks. If you need help getting over your sales fear, like I did, so you can call and serve the people who need your help (and your family) then you should check them out


I’ve made more money in the last week working with you than the previous 2 years put together. 
You pushed - I resisted. You growled - I cowered. You supported - I cried. Then MAGIC happened. 
The first sale… then the second… now I’m ready to share my investing goodness with the world. Bring it on!


4 sales people trained by Gulliver and Leela 2 weeks ago. 

This week: 1 closed 26% of calls; 1 closed 36% of calls; 1 closed 81% of calls; and 1 closed 100% of calls. 

Sales + highly qualified marketing leads = $207k for the past 5 days.


You have your finger well and truly on the pulse of not just my business, but ALL sales and marketing businesses. 

I truly acknowledge your fearlessness and resolve when it comes to adding even more value to my business and for calling em like you see em. I have seen the rest and now I know you are the best. 

You bring paydays for people, period.


For the first time in this role things are aligning and being able to bounce my ideas off you guys and your support has been amazing. I have SO much to learn and SO much friggen hard work ahead of me so I can get the most out of this, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Thank you for taking the bullshit out of it, thank you guys for being real, and thank you for genuinely caring.” 


So this happened today. 

A room full of amazing, brave, and loving entrepreneurs added over $1.3 million worth of value to the universe in under five hours! For me the true measure of MASTERS of their craft is NOT just what they can do themselves. 

The true measure of MASTERY is the ability to transfer part of your skill and genius to those you teach. Thus greatness and leadership is not measured by what YOU accomplish - it’s measured by what those you lead and serve accomplish. By that measure - Leela and Gulliver are true MASTERS of extraordinary calibre! 

I’m truly humbled and honoured by their example of service, wisdom, skill, strength, and love.” 


Gulliver and Leela have taken my business from just staring out to a huge success with 2 locations within 6 months. Making more than 5x per week than what I was only a few months ago.


A powerhouse of energy and ideas. Someone to check out if you are looking for business growth strategies.


Have not seen that calibre of talent rising to great heights in a long time - watch out for these two, they are set to become the bar. Dan Kennedy has found his Aussie gold in these two. Love them lots, love where they are heading.


10 x more on purpose calls every day. 50% conversion from conversation to sale. Prioritise sales calls right up there with breathing! Love every moment. Loving life!


Got off the phone with Gulliver at 11:30 this morning. Spot on timing because I needed what he and Leela Cosgrove had. At 2:30pm product delivered. 

These guys deliver on what they say they are going to do and quickly. Why bother with anyone else, really these guys rock the business world. That is why we keep going back to them.


Gulliver and Leela have taken my business from just staring out to a huge success with 2 locations within 6 months. Making more than 5x per week than what I was only a few months ago.


Literally doing our tax return at the moment and not going to lie. The last quarter has been mind blowing EACH month in the last quarter is DOUBLE the entire first quarter.


Again want to thank you so much for changing my thought process at the start of the year… overcoming the price point was a huge thing. Big change and you guys are very special people, just want to say thank you again.


Was working on a project with Gulliver last night. When I say working, I mean he was translating my words into something altogether extraordinary. Gulliver you are, quite simply, a genius!!


Integrity is what I would say. All of the above is absolutely true and correct but it is 10x by the integrity around everything you do and touch AND what I am finding more and more, what you WON’T do and touch if it compromises your values and beliefs.


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