Our Team


Founder & CEO
Leela Cosgrove wasn’t supposed to become the Founder of a successful company. She grew up in a housing commission suburb in Brisbane, Australia, surrounded by violence, drug use and the ongoing rhetoric that she would amount to nothing.
She refused to submit to the expectations set for her, defying the odds and escaping the cycle of poverty she saw around her by starting her own business and growing it into a multi-million dollar enterprise


Sales Director
Gulliver has been described as “the best sales trainer on the planet”. His Sword of Sales system and his famous Armor of God objection handling system have revolutionised the sales industry – in the best possible way. 

Gulliver’s mission is to re-educate the world about sales and salespeople – his firm belief is that, despite its reputation, sales is NOT evil, and that real salespeople sell from a place of love, not manipulation.

Gulliver is the lead presenter of Strategic Anarchy’s 3-day sales event, and recently spoke on stage at Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit, on the subject of (you guessed it!) sales.


Creative Director
Jenna is a creative director and marketing strategist. Her main focus is on developing the company’s creative assets, including online courses, publications, film and video, and live events, and marketing offerings to potential clients. She has been behind and involved with many of Strategic Anarchy's innovative campaigns including immersive events and online games.

Jenna has a passion for content creation, social media and designing new marketing campaigns both for Strategic Anarchy and its clients. Outside of work she is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, an a retired amateur boxer.
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