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I know you...

Over the last few years you’ve worked hard to make your business work. You’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ve prided yourself on doing more than anyone else around you. You’ve worked like others don’t, so that you could live like others couldn’t. 

Then came 2020 and with it, an enforced period of stillness. Sure, you worked hard to make sure your business survived – even thrived. And lockdowns brought a new level of complexity to every part of your life. But you didn’t have the movement that’s always been such a feature. No events. No travel. No socialisation. 

In those still and silent moments the voice you’ve been ignoring for a long time got louder. It became impossible to ignore, and you had to face facts:

You've Been Playing Small For Too Long

But how do you go from playing small to stepping into your destiny? How do you move past that sense of dread at being visible? How do you overcome the $250,000 plateau? 

How do you build the business you see in your head, when you don’t know how to make that a reality?
Hi, I’m Leela Cosgrove – and for the last 15 years I’ve worked with women, just like you, helping them to find their voices, build their platforms and create the businesses they were born to birth. 
Here’s the thing – over the years I’ve managed to do some pretty cool stuff. I’ve presented to the CSIRO. I’ve collaborated with fashion icon Hermes. I sold a TV Series to Virgin Australia. I’ve spent time on Necker Island with Richard Branson and Amal and George Clooney. 

More importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of thousands of people’s lives – to make real differences to their and their families futures. 

The internet would have you believe that success is a matter of becoming a social media “influencer” – post on Instagram! Do livestreams! Build a free Facebook group! Create Daily content!

Controversial Opinion Alert

In 2021, social media is hugely over-rated. 

It’s noisy. It’s polarised. 

And unless you want to be one of those people who spends all day screaming at everyone and getting into arguments in order to push up your engagement, it’s getting harder to be seen.
Look, I’m no luddite. Quite the opposite – I’ve been on the internet since the 90s. I built my business off knowing how to interact with people on social media. There was a time where I was the go-to person in Australia and the US when it came to how to make money off social media.

But if you look at my profiles, you’ll notice I’ve been using them less and less over the last few years – because while I still think there’s some value in advertising, if you do it well, I don’t see any value in spending hours and hours of your time creating amazing content that basically disappears into the ether.

Because you’re not here to get an article or a video in front of 100 people. Your message is far larger than that.

And so long as you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you’re going to keep yourself and your message small.

So, if I’m not doing social media anymore – if I walked away from being an “influencer” – what am I doing instead?

The Secret Weapon of Successful Entrepreneurs …

One of my secrets to having built a business that goes from strength to strength – that lets me do cool shit with cool people – is that I grew up in a family of professional psychics. 

From a young age, I was trained in meditation, connection to my guides and how to use my intuition to guide my life.

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I started reading tarot professionally when I was 16 – over the years I’ve read for celebrities, rock stars and millionaires.

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I can tell you that a lot of billionaires and millionaires have relationships with psychics and astrologers.

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Which is not to say that if you use intuition you don’t have to work hard.
... You Do

Anyone who tries to tell you that if you follow your intuition, everything will be easy, is lying to you. 

One of the things I saw a lot growing up in spiritual communities was what I called “ungrounded spirituality” – people who were hugely connected to source, but who neglected their mental, physical and financial health. 

From the time I was teenager, I knew I didn’t want to be like that.

I wanted to be connected to source, and financially well-off.

I wanted to ensure that my mental health and my physical health were in top condition. And those are things I’ve continued to strive towards every day.

Life is hard sometimes, for everyone.

“Connection”, “Intuition”, “Spirituality” are not some kind of bypass to effortless happiness.

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And most importantly, life isn’t just about being happy

I mean, sure – we all want to be happy … but happiness is only one small portion of the human experience. 

In fact, being fully connected and inflow is typically confrontational AF – it will ask you to step up. To fully claim your destiny. To do things that absolutely petrify you. 

If you’re ready for that, if you know that NOW is your time, then I’d love to invite you to book a 


What This Session Is

Allow 60-90 minutes

It varies, depending on what comes through and I want to make sure there is plenty of time for you to have any questions answered

What we'll cover

This will change from session to session. If you have specific questions, we can answer those – if you just want to hear from your Guides, we can also do that.


I’ve spent 15 years teaching people how to build their marketing; I was one of the earliest pioneers of Facebook advertising; and I’m well known for being a master of the sales process – so we can also talk about those things.

How I Work

I utilise a combination of tools (tarot, oracle, pendulums) and my intuitive connection to source, while channelling your guides.

But before you book, there are a few things you should know: 

Who Should Apply For a Session:

My clients are business women with Unrelenting Standards.  They’re Type-A Workaholics.

They’ve spent years honing their craft and building their business. 

They’re typically not already involved in “spiritual” circles – they might have a passing interest in it (maybe they watched too much Charmed / Buffy / The Craft growing up!) – sometimes, they’re the kind of people who’ve never even had a reading before. 

They want the whole and unadulterated truth, no matter what. 

Why NOT to work with me

My clients often call me “The High Priestess of Hard Truths” – this is because I don’t pull my punches. 

I’ll tell you what I see, not what you want to hear. 

Look, this doesn’t mean I’m some kind of psycho who is going to yell at you – it just means you should only sign up for a session if you feel deeply ready, within yourself, to hear the things you KNOW you’ve been avoiding. 

It’s okay NOT to be ready – but then, this session isn’t for you.
If you feel called.

If you know it’s time to step into what you’ve been avoiding.

If you want to know what the next steps are – spiritually, emotionally and strategically in your business.

I look forward to speaking to you soon. 
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