Having worked with hundreds of women in business over the last decade, and as a lightworker, intuitive, psychic and witch – here’s something I know to be true:

A lot of women in business right now are here

for more than they realise.

I’ve met woman after woman who, when we dig into past life work, lived through the Burning Times, when tens of thousands of women were burned at the stake – sometimes for being witches. Sometimes just for being wealthy and powerful leaders.

Of COURSE so many women have issues with stepping into their true leadership – when they have deep, past life trauma from being burned at the stake.
Business Witch is all about healing this trauma in a space of sisterhood, so that you can step fully into the leader you know, deep down, you were meant to be.
You’ll learn to tap into your own internal guidance system, using the tools of divination, ritual, trance, spellcraft and spiritual practice.
As you know, this is something I’ve practiced in my life for more than 25 years – and through the entire 15 years of my business growth.
You guys know me – you know I’ll work with you on business strategy, on marketing and sales. There’s no way we don’t grow your business in this time (and do it in a leveraged way that doesn’t kill you – something I’ve mastered over the last 5 years, particularly: how else could I be running a coaching business, a tech startup and a B2C ecom business with only 3 full-time staff?!).

But this program is about so much more than that.

You see, something I see online a lot in the “female empowerment lifestyle brand” space is this whole “you’re a goddess!” thing.

And I get it.

When you exist in a patriarchal society – when you’ve been raised without connection to female divinity – you go looking for it in yourself. 

And hey – it’s definitely there.

Don’t get me wrong – you’re a divine soul.


There’s a reason these brands and spaces can feel a little shallow – and that’s because we ALL need connection to something larger than ourselves.

Through Business Witch, I want to help you connect to exactly that – whether it’s an individual goddess as the Patron of your business, or whether you connect to nature or to the Universe: that’s what we’re going to do through this journey:

Find the path that’s right for you. 

In your business. 
In your practice.

I want to help you let go of outdated, shame and blame based, patriarchal spiritual concepts – and to wholly know and embrace the DIVINE feminine, by connecting to the energy of your chosen Goddess. Because I believe that only by knowing Her externally, can you fully recognise her internally.

And I want you to then use that as the foundation from which to build a business that surrenders punitiveness (driving yourself to the brink of exhaustion and burnout in order to hit some kind of arbitrary “success” goal) in order to embrace true abundance in all it’s manifestations.

We’ll make money together – because I believe that the more financially successful YOU are, the more positive things you can create in the world – but we’ll do so much more than that.

This is the program I wish I’d had in 2015 when I first started doing $2Million a year and it almost killed me – it’s the middle way between having the success and abundance you deserve, while also managing your energy and creating a life you want NOW – not “when” you hit some other kind of imaginary goal.

So here's what you're going to get

A 1:1 strategy session (/intuitive reading) with me – we’ll jump on zoom together and lockdown your direction for the next 12 months. 

I’ll talk to your guides and together we’ll get rid of the bullshit and plot out what you’re ACTUALLY supposed to be doing.
Fortnightly group calls – where we’ll look at what’s happening astrologically and how that’s impacting your business.

We’ll work on your divination skillsets – and also fix your marketing, sales and strategy issues.
2 x High Priestess retreats a year – I’m feeling 2022 is our year, guys! 

Come and spend 5 days with me and we’ll dive deep on trance, magic, ritual, spirit guides, past lives and much, much more.
Business Witch online program – this will include Marketing Magic (RRP $997) and Excellence in Coaching (RRP $5,000). 

And, the moment I can get back in the studio, we’ll be filming a whole bunch of new content especially for you – by getting on board now, you’ll get to decide what that content should be!
The High Priestess Witch’s Tool Box every month (we’re doing an extremely limited run of these and they’re almost impossible to get your hands on)
Access to the Online Grimoire – which has HEAPS of information, spells, meditations in it already, and it’s growing monthly.
As part of that, you get to be LIVE on monthly calls with the amazing teachers I’ve worked with over the years – shamans, Bedouins, mystics. 

There’s some really incredible people you’ll get to learn from and chat with!
FREE access for you and a friend to all High Priestess courses.

Starting in the next month, we’ll be rolling out regular courses in things like intuitive tarot, making your own incense, ritual work, and moon phases.
Free VIP access to High Priestess events – I’m telling you, next year events are ON. 

We will absolutely be able to finally do our 30th April Samhain Ball (think NGV nights meets MindBodySpirit festival).

This is the most valuable and affordable program that I've ever delivered.

Because I need it to be accessible.

It’s, obviously, not for everyone. But I know the price point is the right balance between accessibility and honouring myself and my own work.

Because I always get this question – YES! 
This is suitable for those of you in the US.

I will be doing the group calls in the morning my time, which means they’ll be around 3-6pm in the US (depending on where you are and the time of the year). I’ll ship your boxes via DHL.

And for retreats – when borders open up we are, of course!, very happy to have you come to Australian events … but I am also planning a Mexico retreat for November 2022 (covid and borders permitting), which will be included for you. 

We hold our Mexican retreats on the Island of the goddess Ixchel – and bring in a 12th generation Mayan Shaman to welcome us to the land and connect us to the goddess.

I’m doing this as a limited release JUST to those of you connected to be on Facebook for the time being – in the future, I may open the program up more, but for now: I strongly feel that the small group of women who are called to do this are already connected to me here.

If you feel called and you’re like - just shut up already and take my money, you apply here:

If you’re not 100% sure, but you think you might be interested – just DM me privately with “interested” and we can have a confidential chat about whether it’s going to be right for you.

No, you won’t be wasting my time – even if we decide it’s NOT right for you. This is the work I’m meant to be doing – I’m here for you, either way.